The question is if we can become smart enough to be lucky.

Georgia Mihalcea is a scriptwriter and film producer with a BA in Economic Sciences, an ongoing Master of Fine Arts in Film Production, and has extensive experience in field operations, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving in the open innovation American marketplace where she developed over 60 solutions to various business and industries challenges, won 7 awards, and designed 2 global crowdsourcing grand challenges competitions as a design thinker.


She lived a part of her life on a Spanish island in the Canaries, a 7-year era about transformation wrapped in poetry, short prose, and flash fiction.

At present, she lives in Romania, studies at the National University of Film and Cinematography "I.L. Caragale", launched her first short film as an author during quarantine, works in both national and international film and tv productions, writes the movies she wants to see, and coaches people in need of a strategic, creative and value-driven approach of life and work to grow and exit crises.

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